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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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>> against that backdrop protests continue at this hour marking the third night. a curfew ordered in a city reeling from a police shooting. >> carole: the number of the people marching is smaller than on previous nights. jay gray is in north carolina. >> clean-up in the queen city. uptown charlotte, battered, bruised, and in many areas, broken, after a second night of chaos and violence. peaceful protests over the of keith lamont scott. giving way to riots in the core of north carolina's largest city. dozens clashing with police, some throwing rocks and bottles. stores vandalized and looted, officers using tear gas to try and disperse the crowd. >> this has been a difficult couple of days for the city of charlotte. >> and dangerous, gunshots, ringing out in front of the omni
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flashpoint. one of the protesters was killed, shot by another in the crowd, according to officers on the scene. investigators are trying to determine who pulled the trigger. north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency and the national guard called in, witnesses say scott was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police. but this photo taken by someone at the scene and obtained by charlotte nbc affiliates appears to show a gun at his feet moments after the shooting. there i family's attorney caution the tape may not show the complete. >> these videos don't hold the answers. scott's family watched the video, but charlotte's police chief refuses to share it publicly. >> we release it when we believe it is a compelling reason. but i am not going to jeopardize the investigation.
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controversy, continues here. jay gray, nbc news, charlotte. >> carole: after the week of terrence crutcher, the district attorney decides to charge officer betty shelby, as a community and community grieves, attorneys have begun to make their cases in the court of public opinion. the key issue whether crutcher was reaching for something inside his suv when he was shot. >> she was yelling at him to stop, for probably at least 10 he gets to it the window of the suv, and has his hands in the air, looks down the side of the car at officer shelby, and his left hand goes into the window. >> attorneys for crutcher's family say they were quote, happen charges have been brought against the officer. shelby could face up to four years in prison if convicted. "storm team 4" governor scott walker declared a state of
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drenched by torrential rains. national guard and all state agencies providing assistance to tomorrow's impacted by widespread flooding and mud slides. take a look. >> we begin with this dramatic scene in clark county, the rising water created a powerful current rushing toward the dam at the base of lake arbutus. sweeping this out-sized pontoon over the dam like a child's toy. >> we feel sorry for the boat >> reporter: a round of rain totaled more than 4 inches before 9. the search pushed over the banks. flooded roads all across the county. in arcadia, over three inches of rain fell, raising the creek to a level. by far, the most did he ever stating event was near the town of victory, where a mud slide brought a house down onto a
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homeowner inside. >> be attentive of the surrounding, and not drive through flooded roadways, you don't know if the road has been washed out. >> and that comment from the sheriff's lieutenant and often heard refrain, the lone fatality was a man enjoying the illusion of safety in his hill top home. how much rain in jourm is in the weather center. rain. the western southwest part of wisconsin has had almost twice as much rain as eastern wisconsin. look at oxford, over 8 inches in 48 hours there, chippewa falls over 7 inches, readstown over 7 inches, neals vim almost 7 inches, vioqua, 6.36. still raining, flash flood warnings in areas of eastern
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redevelop across west wisconsin and into areas of the northwest part of illinois and eastern indiana. flood, flash flood watches continue as we get closer to home. there's just a couple of isolated showers around, not much in the way of rain for us. isolated showers and 65 degrees in the morning hours. i have a cooler forecast for the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, john, make "storm team 4" your home for complete weathe >> carole: an appleton teen and the right to die, she died. jerika will be remembered for her file. her mom fulfilled jerika's one wish throwing her a promise right here. jerika lived with almost constant pain, and was supported
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chose to end her life. the decision sparked a national right to die debate. it's the smiling memories like these, her friends say they'll remember. i spoke with several who tell us jerika's big smile could brighten their day. and they brightened her day as she got her dream promise, joined by people from all over the country. >> it so crazy that people want >> facebook posts around the country remember jerika today. some mourning her death, but many celebrating that she'll no longer be in pain. friends tell me that is one bright spot on this sad day, that jerika chose how she would die. in appleton, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. >> carole: jerika died in a hospice facility located in sheboygan falls. tonight, her family is asking for privacy.
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of the year. the cafe has been a fixture for years. according to the milwaukee business journal, the last day of serving food will be new year's eve. an unlikely forum took place tonight at the university of wisconsin's student union ballroom. >> carole: a palestinian father and israeli mother joined together an pales palestinian-israeli conflict. they agree it will not stop until we talk. >> the message is not local, it's international. and if you -- the news in your city and around america today, you have to realize that perhaps it will be a wonderful idea if parents of black mothers, black
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would get together and make an example and say stop the violence. >> carole: the parents are hoping to transform their loss and pain into a catalyst for peace. >> one dead and another recovering, the shooting happened at the intersection of locust and palmer. no arrests have been made. a woman's child after a 9-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his younger brother. the case will go to the district attorney's office for formal charges in the next few days. the injured boy's a family says he's had surgery, and is doing better. police are asking for help in finding a man in connection with a possible child enticement case at waukesha south high school. a 16-year-old boy says he was waiting to be picked up last
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a man pulled up, offered him a ride and said he knew the teenager's mom. the teen turned him down and the man drove away. a white male in his 50s, driving a white toyota camry. if you have information, call police. governor scott walker is performing a task force to by the the opioid crisis. medical on solutions. deaths doubled in wisconsin, half of those deaths were caused by prescription painkillers. the governor signed the order at a walgreen's in milwaukee to highlight the store's drug take-back disposal program. bins like this one are set up for people to drop off unused medications. a major data breach compromising the accounts of
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us to to protect ourselves. >> is it too soon to call the place little lambeau, the state-of-the-art stadium. >> and i'm live at a big party
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?? >> carole: take a look at this. this is nothing to be alarmed about. it's a green substance flowing in milwaukee area waterways. this is nothing more than a dye useded by water authorities to find leaks in the sewer system.
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this video, by the way, has gone viral, seen over 200,000 times. a massive security breakdown at yahoo! someone hacked into 500 million accounts. >> carole: this breech happened in 2014 stealing names, emails, addresses, att attorattor attorattorney -- telephone numbers and dates of birth. >> our producer i to show you what you have to do, plug in your email address or password. she's using her yahoo! account, and if it comes up red...all right, maybe it's not going to come up red. you know your account and kristina's has been compromised. it shows you the sites your account is linked to. we have a link to this site on our web site, >> carole: a dad is hoping to
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paying for fans for class rooms. so far he's gotten enough for 12 fans. he has a goal of 50. one for every classroom. he is accepting used fans. as well, for more information where you can donate money or fans, go to our web site, bradford high school, the $9 million stadium features syntheticur scoreboard in the state with stands ready to seat 3100 fans. >> every kid is excited. they've been excited all day, all week to get out here. you hear the enthusiasm, and that's what is important. >> the stadium is named mary bradford field after the first woman to serve as a school superintendent in wisconsin. >> carole: the milwaukee film festival kicked off its 8th year tonight. the event spans 15 days.
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red carpet correspondent, the stage is yours. >> reporter: yeah, george and carole, i'm not fur -- sure if you can hear the music. growing into a world renown event. >> milwaukee film festival is is one of the best run in the united states, it has everything. >> that's why fans lined up outside the oriental theatre in the rain to be part of opening night. >> we've lost track. this is either our fourth or fifth one. >> with m the docket. robin and carole go in with a plan. >> it is just a blast. we sit and schedule our movies and making our whole game plan. we will probably see 12 or 13 movies. >> filmmakers come from around the world for this festival, but many many are local. >> the best thing ever. we look forward to it every year. >> 24-year-old carole brandt graduated from the film program at uw milwaukee. >> trying to make movies as much as possible.
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senior class would never make another film. >> she beat the odds. the short film, fox and the fan, was chosen for the festival. >> getting the film seen by people local, is amazing, and connecting to filmmakers. >> i would like to say you don't have to wear a beret to come, we have something for everyone. >> the milwaukee film festival has been named one of the top ten in the country. >> the festival is going on fo for a schedule and ticket information, go to our web site, reporting live at kendall worth and far well, coreen zell, today's tmj4. milwaukee fashion week is also under way. 24 designers will hit the runway to show case latest designs. nightly fashions, and eight featured designers at the hyatt downtown. tickets at the door, and proceeds will benefit path
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in parts of our area tonight. >> we mentioned the new bradford high school stadium. the venue is shrouded in misty fog at game time tonight. here's the thing about football players, john, they rarely melt. >> john: if you can't see. we have patchy fog rolling from lake michigan. dew points high, patchy fog in your neck of the woods also. i showed you rainfalls from the western part of earlier, our northern area, fond du lac, 2.5 inches. elkhart 2 inches. slinger, watertown, jefferson, beaver dam, and waukesha, about an inch, milwaukee, almost seven-tenths of an inch. september looks like above normal. we're almost a little more than three quarter of an inch above normal for the year. 5.74 inches. lacrosse has almost doubled that
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hanging tough around the area right now, especially in walworth county extending back into rock county. you can see isolated showers trying to develop in sheboygan county, and then out to the west. the heavier rain will stay out in southwest wisconsin, and also into northwest illinois, flash flood watches continue on tonight. the kick a poo is full. >> lac. 68 waukesha and west bend. the dew points are still in the mid 60s. 65 milwaukee, and also 66. northern part of the state, dew points are starting to drop. the front is is sinking, you see that on the computer models, it could generate a few showers overnight. an isolated shower during the day tomorrow. and then that front starts to finally push through, cooler
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back in, bringing slightly warmer conditions to start the weekend, and much drier air, patchy fog, isolated shower, 64? for tomorrow chance of an isolateded shower, maybe a thunderstorm, would be brief. winds turn northeast and cool us down. saturday, a nice start to the weekend. less humid and 72. here's your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, sunday, showers and storms return, 3 68 monday, with mostly cloudy skies. and then into early next week, it's going to be very autumn-like, 65 with a slight chance of a shower. tuesday, 64 wednesday, but sunny, back up to 70 by
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?? the last time aaron rodgers had a passer rating above 100, week 6 of last season. obviously sunday against the vikings didn't help. dare i remind you against minnesota that rodgers three times...rating 70.7. no water what the numbers say, we have to say rodgers isn't worried. he's going to keep doing what he's doing. >> i'm not worried about the outside expectations or scrutiny, i'm worried about -- how the plan is -- and preparation. it's worked over the years. long time, i'm not going to change the way i prepare, the way i get ready for a game.
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away and trust that at some point the execution is going to line up with myself oversee... >> reporter: and still to come in sports, the badgers -- kicker eighth ranked michigan state. there's another challenge they're going
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this week the bucks extended giannis antetokounmpo's contract. chris middleton will miss six months of the season. now today a trade. michael beasley from the rockets tyler innis. second overall pick in mime. minnesota, recently houston. last season, 20 games for the rockets, beasley averaged 13 points and five rebounds per game. badgers kicker is out against eighth-ranked michigan state. endicott will step in. endicott has never attempted a field goal at wisconsin. but the badgers are going to need more than just field goals saturday to beat one of the top teams in the country on the
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alex. cornerbrook led the way against georgia state. michigan state will present its own set of challenges. >> every week you've got challenges, you know, and you have to embrace the challenges...what he's's a good defense. that's a factor. ... >> reporter: in thursday night high school football action, milwaukee king against milwaukee north at custer stadium. king undefeated city conference tied with -- on the punt return, buckner takes it to the house, 38 yards, makes it 28-0. his second score of the game. rolling to an easy 49-0 win to stay undefeated. ryan braun back in the lineup tonight. he's been on paternity leave
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the sweep against the pirates. one on for scooter gennett who gets things going. homerun to left, make it a quick 2-0. pirates on the board in the 5th. chris carter a career tying homerun, number 37. the brewers beat the pirates 3-1. with that win, the brewers snap a pirat (beep, camera shutter click)
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and your winning super cash numbers are 8, 9, 24, 38, 35, no doubler, sorry america jo tomorrow, you could see an isolated shower in the morning hours. 65 to start your day. cooler, winds northeast off the lake, cooling us down, making us
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh jackman,


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